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ModelFans Launches To Compete With OnlyFans

ModelFans Billboard in LA

Social Media Subscription Monetization is here Introducing has the highest creator payout in the subscription industry. 85% goes to model/creator 15% goes to ModelFans. We conduct Giveaways for our creators, advertisement, social media ads, new updates and more features than other platform

ModelFans is the ultimate social media platform that empowers models, recruiters, brands, creators, influencers, celebrities, artist and role models with the ability to monetize their influence and content. Modelfans has 30+ different revenue streams to maximize earnings in the fastest way possible.

Such as monthly subscriptions as low as $1, subscribers and followers on one account so you don’t have to make two accounts , videos on demand which gives you your own media store fans can buy content from without the hassle of messaging, locked content messages, mass messaging, pay per minute, public or subscribers only live streaming, tipping, stories, 1on1 chat request, kustom content request, 5% recruiter referrals for life, brand deals, account verification and much more! Give your Followers/Subscribers the ultimate social experience with ease right from your computer or mobile dashboard!

Who Can Apply To Be on

Anyone in the world 18 and over with a current government -issued photo ID or passport can become an approved model/content creator on ModelFans.

Join the Modelfans Community! Create great content, collaborate with others, stay consistent and give the Followers/Subscribers what they want.

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Modelfans is a social media platform service based in Los Angeles, Ca. Our platform has the most features over 30+ to connect directly to your followers/fans. Men/Woman/Boys/Girls/Celebrities/Users/Creators/Models/Artist/Influencers/Role Models etc. must be 18+ operate a paid subscription content communication service, with multiple ways for them to build relationships and provide exclusive connection to their followers or Subscribers which are all fans on the platform. Model Fans is free web-browser website for Fans/Followers/Users/Creators/Models/Artist/Influencers/Role Models. Users can upload photos, videos, play games, collab with others, submit to brand deals, learn how to monetize your following, live stream, dm, mass message, upload content super fast and more. The world will soon be subscription based. YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Hulu run on this model. 5.28 Billion people have cell phone, 5G bring faster and stronger internet, online financial institutions like PayPal, cash app and credit cards makes payments easier. Just like movies charge for you to see a movie, you should charge for your own content and communication. This is the next wave for social media. By 2022 we will have over 500,000 content creators. WE WILL LAUNCH MAY 15th 2020! Dm us to sign up early. WE ARE ACCEPTING ALL MODELS, INFLUENCERS, ARTIST, CREATORS & CELEBRITIES! WE HAVE A CLEAN IMAGE AND WE HAVE LISTENED TO THE SUBSCRIPTION COMMUNITY ABOUT PROBLEMS WITH OTHER SITES. DM US

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